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Enjoying A Better Theater Experience

3 Tips For Newbies To Deejaying

by Nina Wilson

If you are new to deejaying, it is important that you avoid some of the most common mistakes of newbies when it comes to setting up sound equipment, especially since if you're new you might have bought cheap DJ speakers for sale, which may need some extra care. Poor placement of your equipment can lead to a host of problems, including extreme levels of feedback. Here are some tips for setting up your equipment the right way. 

Choose the Best Location for the Speakers

One of the biggest mistakes that new DJs make is placing the speakers in the wrong place. If you place them too low, people who are close to them could end up being blasted with loud sounds. The sound also does not carry well from that position and people in the back of the room will have trouble hearing. 

To prevent this from happening, avoid placing the speakers directly on the stage and instead use speaker stands. The speaker stands help to raise them above those in the front while ensuring that those in the back can still hear. Call on a friend to stand in place in front of the stage so that you can ensure you have the speakers raised high enough. The people in front will not have to worry about being blasted by the sound.

Using the speaker stands leads to another problem though. The people in the front do not get the full effect of the sound because they are below the speaker. To resolve this issue, be sure to place subwoofers beneath the DJ table. This will provide enough sound to those in the front without blasting them. It also makes the room fill fuller with music. 

Check the Power Needed

Another mistake you could possibly make is utilizing the wrong power sources with your speakers. Each speaker that you plan to use requires a certain level of power. If you use the wrong power, you could end up with speakers that are not functioning properly or even blow them. Check all of your speaker ratings and only use power sources that are rated compatible. 

Clean Your Equipment

When your DJ gig is over, it is important that you take time to properly take apart your equipment and clean it. To clean it, you can lightly vacuum it. Check all of your connectors and look for signs of wear. If any of your parts need replacing, get the replacements done before your next job. 

Deejaying is a fun experience that can pay off for you. However, if you do not take the time to work on it and maintain your equipment, your career could be short lived.